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What are the terms for
the tongue and cheek surfaces of the tooth?
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What is Cfast?


Cfast is a cosmetic dental procedure that focuses on straightening the social six teeth, that is the front six teeth in the upper and lower arches. The tooth movement is called rotating, leveling, and aligning, and results in a beautiful smile.

The procedure is very fast, taking only about six months to complete. Your dentist may need to shape some teeth slightly in order to help them align correctly, but Cfast does not remove teeth or use other appliances as part of the procedure.

"The procedure is very fast, taking only about 6 months to complete."

Cfast is a more gentle method of tooth movement. The front six teeth will move far more easily than the back teeth. Cfast uses light wires to move a tooth which causes far less discomfort than the wires used in traditional orthodontics where all of the teeth are being moved.

Cfast is a permanent solution for adults that want straight teeth but do not want to wear braces or submit to an expensive clear aligner system for two years or more. The clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are discreet and nearly invisible with proper hygiene.