Synthetic Urine

In the following article, we will discuss the best synthetic urine of 2020, how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine, where the best products can be found, how to use such products and whether or not synthetic urine is likely to work. Synthetic urine is a composition of creatinine, chemicals, yellow coloring and at times it also includes uric acid and/or urea . Fake urine is used as a quick fix for those who are trying to overcome a urinary drug test but do not have the time to wait for unwanted toxins to leave their body. Making a home-made concoction is possible by mixing the right ingredients with the use of precise quantities although pre-made synthetic urine is both an easier and more popular choice when it comes to fake pee.

We will nevertheless discuss home-made fake pee in further detail later in this article. Synthetic urine was originally designed for testing on household products like mattresses and diapers or to test how urine might interact with other chemical agents or its impact on medical devices. In recent years, more and more drug users (including weed users) have employed synthetic urine in an effort to beat urinary drug tests. It is important that you ensure that the usage of fake pee is legal in your region as attempts to cheat on drug tests have been outlawed in a range of territories including 18 U.S. states with Oklahoma and Tennessee being two examples. Some territories will also have laws specifically banning synthetic urine in itself.

Undeniably, the best way to pass a urinary drug test is to detox and avoid drugs for a period of time leading up to the test but if you are not interested in availing of this option or have too little time to take the chance on rapid or same-day cleansers, then employing synthetic pee is a possibility worth delving in to, if it is legal in your territory.

General list of ingredients:

  • Albumin Powder
  • Creatinine
  • Distilled Water
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Urea and/or uric acid

Synthetic urine tends to contain a variation of the ingredients featured above although each product varies and may add or remove some of the ingredients listed.

Research & Preparation

Finding the right product is vital to whether or not the use of synthetic urine will allow you to be successful in passing a pee test. In order to achieve this, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. Synthetic pee is available in two primary forms: powder and liquid. Synthetic urine can be utilized for urinary drug tests when it comes to drugs including opioids, marijuana as well as alcohol and nicotine. You’ll need roughly 35-45 mLs of synthetic urine to submit as part of the drug test, which is the equivalent of just over an ounce of urine.

The principal advantage of using powder-based urine is that until it is mixed with water, it will not spoil. Liquid urine spoils soon after it has been excreted or created. To avoid the spoiling process with fake liquid-based urine or with real liquid urine, you should either freeze or alternatively dehydrate and then store the sample afterwards. That said, powdered fake (or sometimes real) urine is a good option and it is also quite popular. We discuss the use of real powdered-urine in further detail later.

If you freeze your sample however, it is necessary that you warm it back up to body temperature before you submit it. It’s key that the sample is prepared and protected/preserved in such a way that it will remain at this temperature for the right duration. This way, it will be at the correct level of warmth when the testers analyze it for drug toxins. Failure to follow the relevant instructions properly in submitting synthetic urine is bound to raise red flags and inevitably make it likely that the testers will recognize that the sample is synthetic. If this happens, either you will be asked to take the test again or worse, you will simply fail the test then and then.

One particular upside to using synthetic liquid urine is that it doesn’t need to be mixed unlike powder urine. With that being the case, you don’t need to be concerned about specific ingredients mixed with the product pushing your sample into the wrong parameters. Most who use synthetic urine, turn to an established and reputable provider. It may be worth your time analyzing pro-marijuana sites for upass reviews and other synthetic urine reviews so that you can figure out what products rank the highest out of the available synthetic urine items on the market. Each product will have its own specific instructions too.

DIY Approach

As already alluded to, getting the preparation just right is crucial to success. Synthetic urine can be made using a popular online product although it is also possible to put together a home-made mixture. If you want to do it DIY, here are the relevant instructions:

  1. First, pour 750 mLs of water into a container.
  2. Add, precisely 18.2 grams of urea and then mix this combination thoroughly.
  3. Then add 4.8 grams of sodium phosphate, 4.5 grams of potassium chloride and 7.5 grams of sodium chloride. Mix until they have dissolved.
  4. You should then test the pH levels of your mixture by using pH paper. The pH levels should be between 5 and 7.
  5. The gravity of the mixture should be about 1.025. A urinometer can be used to confirm this level.
  6. Finally, add 2 grams of creatinine as well as 50 grams of albumin powder. Mix gently. You may also choose to add these final two ingredients shortly before the test. Warm up your mixture till it reaches body temperature.

Most, it should be said do not turn to home-made mixtures and prefer to buy a popular and positively rated product from a reputable brand. A good home-made mixture or product should have a natural yellow look to it with the identical appearance of real urine. You should undertake the steps listed above on the morning of your test.


Whether it is a home-made mixture or pre-made product you are using, you want to get your urine sample ideally to somewhere between 94°F and 100°F although anywhere between 90°F and 100°F is generally seen as within the acceptable range. A high quality heat pad is a common approach to getting precise temperatures. You should heat your sample on a heat pad or use a similar and effective device to get within that 90-100 degree range. You should keep it on the heat pad or a similar appropriate device for at least an hour and then remove it and plug out your device just before heading out the door for your urinary test.

You should then be sure to keep the sample close to your body on the journey there so that you can help keep your sample as warm as it already is. Some may even use a form of insulation in order to keep the sample warm. With that said, such an addition will add another challenge by increasing the size of the objects you are trying to hide while entering the test facility. It’s important to weigh up these various options and to keep an open mind about it. Actual urine will naturally drop below body temperature within several minutes of being excreted from the body so you can expect the testers to look at your sample soon after you have handed it in.

Taking the Test

There are a number of considerations for using synthetic urine when taking a urinary drug test. Being discreet is especially vital to being successful. Keeping it hidden, in your pocket or strapped on around your waist and out of view is the way most go about it. Shortly after entering the cubicle, you should pour the synthetic urine into your urine collection device (usually referred to as a specimen cup). Close the collection device, put your original container away and wash your hands, in case any of the fake urine got on your fingers for example.

The final step is to play it cool, hand in your sample and hope for the best. Ofcourse in the unlikely event that the test is supervised, then using synthetic urine is going to be significantly more difficult. Generally though, such tests are unsupervised. You might also consider doing a practice run with water in your own bathroom beforehand so that you are more confident and at ease when performing the relevant tasks at the test facility.

Synthetic Urine Kits & Products

There is a wide array of synthetic urine products on the market to consider and some are certainly a lot better than others. How a synthetic urine kit or product should be used depends on each product. Generally, the process involves taking your sample if it is liquid-based or making the right mixture if it is powder-based, then storing it and finally heating it up ahead of the test. The final steps to using these products is essentially the same as if you were using a home-made approach as we already discussed. You want to keep your sample at the right temperature, keep it close to you or insulated effectively, keep it well-hidden and pour it into the urine collection device once inside a cubicle.

Synthetic urine, as with any product, has an expiration date. How long the urine will last will depend on the product and whether you store it correctly. The Quick Fix 6.2 as an example, has a shelf life of roughly two years. Synthetic urine should be stored away in a cool, dry environment and kept out of any sunlight. A fridge is a popular way of storing fake pee. If left at room temperature, the product may be rendered unusable after just a single day. Either way, keeping it at room temperature will cause the urine to expire well before its expiration date. With powdered synthetic urine specifically, once it is mixed with water, the product may spoil in just a few hours so you want to wait until the morning of your test before creating the mixture.

Will Fake Pee Pass A Drug Test?

It will depend on the product you use. Below, we go through some examples of popular and highly-rated synthetic urine products. Of course, whether or not synthetic urine will work in helping you beat a drug test will also depend on the type of test you are taking. We will elaborate on test types and the chances of beating them later in the FAQ section.

Quick Synthetic Fix Urine Kit

This fake urine kit for drug test is produced by Quick Synthetic Urine, a popular and reputable brand which helps users pass urinary drug tests. The kit contains a bottle of synthetic urine, a single heat pack as well as a temperature strip. You can purchase 2 ounces of this product for about $30.

Step by step guide to using this kit

You want to wait until just a few hours before your drug test before undertaking these steps:

  1. Open the top of the urine bottle and heat in it the microwave for ten seconds on high.
  2. If you cannot microwave, you should tape the heating pad to the bottle for an hour in order to achieve the same heating effect.
  3. Close the top of the bottle and shake its contents. You should then make use of the temperature strip. A strong color should appear in one of the boxes between 90°F and 100°F. If it does, then you know that it’s at the right heat.
  4. Ideally, you want it to be between 94°F and 100°F. If it’s not in this range, then you should heat it up or let it cool in the appropriate way to bring it within the correct range.
  5. Once it’s in this ideal heat range, connect the heat pad to the synthetic urine. This will keep the fake pee at the right temperature for up to six hours. You should then strap these two items to your thigh or another body part to conceal your sample and to keep it warm.
  6. When you’re inside the cubicle, check the temperature once more to confirm it’s right.
  7. Then pour the sample into your urine container device/specimen cup and shortly after, hand in your sample.

Monkey Urine, Monkey Whizz & Monkey Dong

Products from have received a tonne of positive reviews online. The company does specify that their products are not meant for beating a drug test but many users do utilize their products for this purpose all the same. Monkey urine is a synthetic urine with a lot of positive reviews across the internet and is a product you may consider if you just need good fake pee.

The Monkey Whizz comes with a synthetic urine product, a strap-on belt and a heating pad. The Monkey Dong is what you might imagine it to be: a fake penis that may help if your test is potentially visible, even if it is not supervised. For example, if you are taking the test behind a closed curtain, your shadows may be present. In this case, you may consider using the Monkey Dong to pour your sample through and into the test container. Pulling it off naturally may be difficult and a bit awkward so you might want to practice beforehand.

Of course, this is a novel approach and it may or may not work. If you remove it too suddenly or without your hand obscuring the Monkey Dong, a tester may find it suspicious if they spot in the corner of their eye, the apparent sight of a penis casually being removed! These are products you might consider although it is certainly preferable that your test is taken so far out of sight that not even your shadow can be seen.

Other Products

Powdered Human Urine Kit

This product is not a fake pee test kit since it actually uses real human urine and is therefore one of the best fake piss kit you can find. This product contains a vial of powdered urine which is taken from actual human piss, a temperature strip which is attached to the 50 mL vial, two heaters which are enclosed in packaging and a 50 mL medical transport vial to carry your sample in for the test. You can purchase this product for about $45.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

This is another popular but somewhat costly product, priced at $80. The product, unlike some synthetic urine products, is biocide free. This product was launched back in 2003 and remains a favorable choice among many consumers. It also comes with a particularly effective heat source. This is the sort of high quality product that many users look to for maximizing their chances of success in passing a urinalysis.

Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit

With a lot of positive reviews online, this is another product that you might consider. Costing $50, it features all essential chemicals such as uric acid. The urine itself is easy to make once you add water and follow the instructions. This product is designed to smell and behave like real and clean human urine.

The Urinator

This is a more costly product, coming in at about $150. The urinator is an electronic device that contains and heats your urine sample,keeping it at body temperature effectively. It also comes with three additional free packs of real human urine in powder-form.

Using Someone Else’s Urine

You may be asking, why can you not just use real urine from a friend who is clean? It is a method that some consider for beating a drug test but a range of problems emerge in undertaking this approach. For one, you cannot be certain that your friend is not taking prescribed medication that could lead to a false-positive and they may not be entirely truthful about whether they have taken drugs before or when they last did.

Remember, THC-toxins can stay in a person’s system for up to 3 months or more. Furthermore, real urine will change appearance in just 24 hours as well as giving off a smell and beginning to cloud. If you do choose this approach, you should refrigerate the sample and then heat it up before the test. The issues associated with this approach are not present with products such as the ‘Powdered Human Urine Kit’ which are especially designed to preserve urine for a drug test.

The problems that could easily arise in simply using a friend’s urine will make it obvious to the testers that you’ve just used someone else’s urine and therefore you are especially unlikely to pass a test using such this approach. In theory, it’s possible to succeed with this method but you’d need a lot of luck and some bad testers to get the greenlight on a urinary test using someone else’s urine. That is why synthetic urine or real urine supplied in powder form by a respected brand is far more popular.


Q: Can Fake Pee be Used For All Types of Tests?

A: Most urinary drug tests use the enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT). However some urine drug tests will involve more complex procedures that are more likely to pick up drug toxins and also are perhaps more likely to detect that the urine sample used is synthetic. There is no guarantee either way, so ultimately, it is inconclusive whether synthetic urine can be used for all types of urine tests.

If you are determined to use synthetic urine no matter what type of test you are facing, then, the more complex the test, the more sophisticated a product you should employ. Using synthetic urine has been reported by some as a successful way of beating a LabCorp urine test (a higher quality grade of urinalysis) although a high quality product was utilized in the cases we found.

Q: Are There Any Female Synthetic Urine Kits?

A: Synthetic urine is not generally sold to specific genders. Most synthetic urine products for example will have the right creatinine levels to pass as a male or female sample. These products tend therefore to be unisex. There are some exceptions however such as the Cupid Mini & Quick Fix Bundle which is a synthetic urine kit that is marketed to females specifically.

Q: Do Synthetic Urine Belts Work?

A: Generally, yes. The purpose of these belts is to work as a contraption that you can connect to your body to carry the urine sample. The synthetic urine can then be poured into the urinary collection device through a tube. It may depend on the producer of course as to whether a given belt will do the job effectively or not. The Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt is a popular example.

Q: Could I Get Caught Cheating on a Urine Drug Test?

A: It’s possible but unlikely. If you use a product from a trusted-brand such as Monkey Urine or Quick Fix and its for a regular EMIT test then you should be fine. If however you buy from the wrong brand or just grab some synthetic animal urine from Walmart, then you might fail. Your sample will likely be declared invalid, adulterated or dilute if it is seen not be authentic human urine.

Even if it is legal in your state to attempt to cheat on a drug test, it is still theoretically possible that another crime against your employer may apply which is why researching beforehand is paramount. If you are testing say for a government position for example, you could be charged with an attempt to defraud the government. Generally, though if you are just applying for a regular job you won’t be charged with any crime. Obviously, you should not leave fake urine paraphernalia in the cubicle or on view from your car just in case someone sees it and you get reported. Being smart about it is fundamental to success with synthetic urine.

Q: Do I Need to Refrigerate Synthetic Urine?

A: It really depends on the brand. You certainly want to keep your product in a dark place and out of sunlight to avoid the product being damaged. If you are using real urine from a friend then you want to keep it refrigerated to avoid the sample spoiling. After refrigerating your sample, whether real or synthetic, you want to heat it back up again to get it to the right temperature.

Q: Should I Pee a Small Bit Into the Specimen Cup to Make It Look as Real as Possible?

A: No, you should not pee in the specimen cup whatsoever. Only synthetic urine should end up in the cup. You should pee in the toilet however if you are worried about someone noticing, such as if you are somewhat visible behind a closed curtain (even if just through your shadow) or if it is a supervised test. It’s very important to avoid contaminating the specimen cup with your own urine as that will put not only a bit of your urine in to the cup but any drug toxins present in your urine too even if in small quantities.

Q: A Green Box Didn’t Come Up on the Quick Fix Temperature Strip. Why?

A: In this case, you probably overheated your sample in the microwave. Give it a few minutes to cool down and wait until the green box suddenly appears. Once it does, your urine is in the right temperature range.

Q: What Could I Forget?

A: You should shake the urine sample because actual urine should have air bubbles present as a result of peeing. If the sample lacks air bubbles, then it might be noticed and recognized as synthetic urine. In this case, you may fail the test or be asked to take it again.

Q: Does My Synthetic Urine Need to Contain Urea or Uric Acid?

A: There is not a yes or no answer to this question. Quite a few users have claimed online that they passed the test using products which contain just uric acid. On the other hand, others have expressed that you do need urea too, which is an entirely different property of urine to uric acid. A lot of testers will search for both. You’ll find though that many products include both ingredients with UPass synthetic urine being an example. This product costs about $30 but doesn’t have the same positive feedback as many other synthetic urine products on the market.

Q: Will Testers Contact Me If I Fail?

A: You may also be wondering, whether the testers will contact you if you have failed a drug test. Whether it is EMIT testers or LabCorp who tested you, in most cases, the testers will simply contact your employer directly and then you will find out your results through your employer.

Additional Information

Fake Urine Near Me?

Many users wonder where they can find stores that sell synthetic urine near me. It may be difficult to find these products at first although how easy it will be to find the right product will depend on where you live. Where do you get it if you can’t get it from a friend? Headshops and stores such as Walmart may have synthetic urine products but most users tend to make their purchases online.

The products you’ll find at regular headshops or in big stores like Walmart probably won’t help you to pass a urine test since these types of fake urine are generally used by gardeners or hunters to control the behavior of animals. If you don’t have time to look online, it’s still worth checking your local headshop. Keep your phone on you with internet access and quickly look up the products you find. You might find that at least one of them has good reviews with positive feedback from users who employed this product to beat a drug test. It’s even possible that some gas stations will have what you’re looking for in an emergency.

If you have the time however, you should look online and patiently search for the best product you can afford. Check a range of online sources to ensure that you aren’t getting an overly biased view of a given product from one site. You may find that you are satisfied with one particular product as it is reportedly high quality, near the top of your price range and receiving positive feedback and reviews from consumers from a range of sources and specifically in relation to the product being used to beat a drug test.


To date, at least 18 U.S. states have laws on the books banning the use of synthetic urine in order to cheat on drug tests. These laws do vary however. In some states the sale, purchase, and possession of synthetic urine is illegal in of itself, whether or not it is used for this purpose (such as in Indiana) while in other states, it is legal to use synthetic urine for other objectives but not in an attempt to cheat on a drug test (e.g. New Hampshire).

The advertising of synthetic urine for cheating drug tests is, as far as we know illegal in most of these 18 states and this is partly why many brands who sell synthetic urine specify that their products are not meant for beating a drug test. Further, the production and manufacturing of synthetic urine is not usually outlawed as it may be created by a company in that given territory only to be sold elsewhere and for purposes unrelated to drug tests. It really depends on where you live with that being said. Be sure to research any local legislation regarding synthetic urine in your region beforehand.

There is a debate about whether or not synthetic urine should be legal. Some justify the use of fake urine to pass a urine test by arguing that the War on Drugs should be considered illegal and that companies/agencies should not be getting into people’s business to begin with. A counterargument to consider is the right of the employer to have a drug-free work force or at least a workforce that is not taking illegal drugs.

Some employers will even have their employees/potential employees tested for legal substances like nicotine since those who smoke will add to their healthcare costs and could result in reduced productivity. The debate will rage on however and many people have a wide-range of opinions on the matter and this is a discussion that is unlikely to subside any time soon.


Will fake pee pass a drug test? Primarily, it depends on the product and what type of test you are taking. If you are using an excellent product from a reputable company on a regular EMIT urine test (and follow the instructions precisely) then you will be maximizing your chances of success. The better the product, the better your chances. Moving into more complex forms of testing, the chances of success will likely reduce no matter what product one uses.

The best option in this or in any case of drug testing is to detox your body and to avoid drugs for the period leading up to the test. Synthetic urine is all the same a popular option that many use in an effort to beat a drug test. Once again, following the guidelines for a given product or for a home-made approach to a T is essential to putting the odds as strongly in your favor as possible.


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