The Whizzinator Touch Synthetic Urine


The Whizzinator is one of the most famous synthetic urine products.  Why?  Because it was one of the first to come with skin tone matched synthetic penises so you can piss clean even if someone is looking directly at your penis.  Just pull out the fake penis, flip the switch and release the urine into your cup and you’re golden.  Just such an attempted use is how the product became famous.

The Infamous Penis Bust

In 2005, Minnesota Viking, Onterrio Smith, was at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport looking to board a flight.  During a routine search, security personnel uncovered strange powders and devices carried by the star football player.  Such powder and devices are not necessarily illegal, but they are not to be carried on flights due to the fact that weaponized material could be hidden in them.  Of course, Onterrio Smith merely had the fake urine kit and was released with his fake penis unmolested.  The kit was later sold at an auction of sports memorabilia, but the cat was out of the bag.  The Vikings and Smith suffered embarrassment and accusations of cheating, since beating a drug test can be used to cover up doping with performance-enhancing substances like steroids.

The Whizzinator on the other hand, could not have paid for better advertising.  This piqued people’s interest and The Whizzinator became one of the most famous and successful synthetic urine products.

The Whizzinator Touch fake pee is generally used to pass urine drug tests and has great results for men and for women.  Another use for The Whizzinator’s fake piss is for sex play.  For females, they can experience wearing a functional penis, and some people want to enjoy what is called ‘water sports’ but don’t want the microbial load that may come with using real urine.  This synthetic urine is sterile and won’t cause or exacerbate an infection.

It’s important to get your Whizzinator Touch straight from the site:  Knock off products are sold due to the popularity and strange history of the product.

Further News Exposure

In 2006, a woman asked a store clerk to microwave the synthetic urine to bring it to the proper temperature to be used for a drug test.  The clerk called the police, thinking the urine was real.  This news story continued the rise in popularity of the product.  The sudden popularity ended up being a bad thing for the original owners.

Owners Wills and Catalano of Puck Technology, then makers of The Whizzinator, were charged in federal court with conspiracy to defraud the United States government.  The charge is that the product is used to beat mandatory drug tests administered by courts and other federal agencies.  Fair enough.  They plead guilty and Wills served 6 months in prison, Catalano, 3 years probation.  So, the War on Drugs continues to victimize.  Obviously, The Whizzinator still exists.  A company with better lawyers apparently took over the product.  Many other such products exist and this one conviction we have to chalk up as an aberration.  Under most circumstances, people aren’t charged with a crime even if caught using The Whizzinator, but it may be illegal in some jurisdictions.  See the chart further down for states where detox products may be illegal.

Why do you need this?

Basically, you need to pass a urine drug screen to get a job, keep a job, or stay out of prison.  So, this is very important.  There are two types of piss tests, supervised and unsupervised.

Directions to beat an unsupervised urinalysis:

During an unsupervised test, you will go into a restroom with a cup and you will need to produce 2 ounces or more of urine.  Your kit should have plenty.  Simply squeeze the urine from your fake bladder into the cup and you’re golden.

Directions for passing a supervised drug screen:

A supervised test is usually what getting a Whizzinator is for.  For an unsupervised test, you don’t really need a fake penis or a fancy strap on for women because no one is watching.  Just make sure your synthetic urine is the right temperature and submit it.

For a supervised screen, the tester may stand behind you, or to the side of you.  Most often, they will stand behind you as they could be charged with sexual harassment if they are too eager to see your tingly parts.  But, if they suspect something is amiss, they may demand that you stand in front of them.  Now, if you have the balls, is when you show it by pulling out your sizable fake dick and submitting your sample.  Done right, you can do this right in front of the technician and he cannot tell the penis is fake.  It is matched to your race or skin color as well, so choose wisely.

For Women

For females, your test is less likely to be observed, as some states have laws not allowing females to be observed urinating.  However, if you are, often the technician will not be looking directly at you.  In any case, you won’t need the fake penis, you can use The Whizz Kit which does not come with the fake penis but has the urine, hose, and bladder.  You can easily sit down and flip the switch to let her rip.  It will be easier for you to hide the product as well.  Male urine is not differentiated from female urine for routine drug tests

Using The Whizzinator Touch to pass a drug test

Your Synthetic Urine Kit Contains

  • Belt Containing the Golden Shower Synthetic Urine
  • Syringe
  • Heat Pads
  • Instruction Manual

The set-up is very simple and easy to use.  This is a huge selling point.


  1. Uric acid
  2. Creatinine

The only ingredients Alternative Lifestyle lists on the website are uric acid and creatinine, two components the drug testers will be looking for.

Here are the other ingredients likely in the product:

  1. Distilled water
  2. Potassium chloride
  3. Sodium chloride
  4. Sodium phosphate
  5. Urea

Terms of use:

Do not use in states where illegal

Laws near me about detox products
States where it is illegal to sell detox products
  • New Jersey
  • Kentucky
  • Florida
States where it is illegal to deliver or produce detox products
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
States where it is illegal to sell adulterants
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Nebraska
  • Virginia

The Whizzinator Touch instructions

Here’s how to use The Whizzinator Touch fake urine:

  1. First, buy the correct product.

Where to buy The Whizzinator Touch:  buy it here to avoid getting knock off products.

  1. Before the test, you should practice a bit. First, prepare your formula.
  • Take your syringe and measure out 990 mL of bottled water into a cup.
  • Add the vial of Golden Shower.
  • Suck up the liquid with the syringe and inject it into your Whizzinator through the fill port. Make sure the white clip is closed.
  • Shake your heating pad so that it heats up. Attach it to the side of the bladder opposite the temperature strip.
  • The temperature strip should be touching you. Let the temperature get between 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (37 C to 39 C).  Allow up to an hour to reach the proper temperature.
  • When you’re ready to release, pull the white strip and squeeze below the tip and you will have a beautiful golden stream.

Figure 1. Official site for the Whizzintor.  Notice the different colors, you need to choose that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

Make sure you have the instructions down before you leave for your test.  It’s a good idea to practice.  In fact, buy two if you can afford it and use the first for practice.  Once you use your product, you can reuse the equipment.  Just toss any left-over urine and rinse your bag and hose with clean water or the Whizzinator Cleaning Solution.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

ManufacturerAlternative Lifestyle Systems
AddressLong Beach, California, US
Phone numberT (888) 895-7016
Customer Service Hours9 AM to 5 PM EST

The Whizzinator has been around for nearly 15 years.  It has changed hands or experienced company name changes but the product has remained well-trusted and successful.

Where is Whizzinator Touch for sale?

Due to the plethora of knock off products, it is recommended you buy direct from the manufacturer, Alternative Lifestyle Systems online at  Some head shops may carry the product; however, we have not found a store locator nor coupons at third party sites or shops; therefore, we advise you to go right to the source.


Your Whizzinator Touch may cost you about $ 90 with the current discounts, so you’ve got a few bucks left over.  Alternative Lifestyle Systems offers several products you might want to get along with your Whizzinator.

The Whizz Kit

First off, we already mentioned The Whizz Kit which is recommended for females who may be looking to pass a drug test.  If you want your girl to get a good job along with you, get one for her too.  You’re not competing with her, you want both of you to be as successful as possible.  For sex play, we imagine a female might sometimes want to strap on the full Whizzinator Touch, so to each his own.

Heating Pads

Next, you’re gonna need refills, so you need these:

Heating pads.  These cost no more than $ 2 USD.

The Whizzinator Cleaning Solution

You may want to use a special cleaning solution to keep your products safe.  This will cost around 8 bucks:

The Golden Shower

Lastly, you need extra powdered urine and some bottled water.  The Golden Shower urine will cost about $ 15 USD.

The Whizzinator Pros and Cons

  • The urine is clean and sterile.
  • Using real urine for sex play could cause infections.
  • The kit comes in different colors to fit any race.
  • You could get a good job if you pass the test.
  • You could remain outside of prison if you pass a test (only use where legal).
  • Fantasy fulfillment.
  • You could pass a test to qualify to play sports.
  • The product is reusable.
  • The synthetic penis is very life-like.
  • The fake penis is not small.
  • Illegal in some states.
  • You have to have the courage to use it in front of an observing technician.
  • You have to use it skillfully to avoid detection.
  • It can cost more than $ 90 USD.
  • You may be stopped by security if trying to take it through an airport.
  • It may be embarrassing if caught with one.
  • May encourage one not to get help for drug problems.
Comparison to other products: the prosCompared to other products: the Cons
This product is possibly the most widely trusted synthetic penis for drug tests on the market.  The urine powder maybe second or third behind Quick Fix Urine, but if you prefer Quick Fix, you can just use Quick Fix with your Whizzinator bladder and penis.

The Whizzinator is probably the most famous synthetic penis for drug tests due to its unique history.  When people found out it was good enough to beat drug tests used in the NFL, it became a trusted product.

The Whizzinator will cost you about $ 90 which is not bad as far as detox products go, but if you have monthly or weekly drug tests, you will have to keep buying the accessories which can run up a tab.  They are also reasonably priced but can cost a lot for someone who has to take tests constantly.  Some products are cheaper.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine may be more popular and widely used.

Ingredients are not listed on the website.  This may be a smart legal move, but customers are curious about what’s in it.

The Whizzinator Touch by Alternative Lifestyle Systems reviews may be tainted with reviews of copycat products.

Q & A

Q:  Is The Whizzinator Touch undetectable in laboratory urine tests?
A:  The current formulations are not known to be detectable in laboratory tests.  It mimics human urine precisely.

Q:  Does The Whizzinator Touch contain creatine?
A:  It contains creatinine, the by-product of creatine which the laboratory will be looking for to ensure the authenticity of the sample.

Q:  Does The Whizzinator Touch Have Uric Acid?
A:  Yes, it contains uric acid that testers will be looking for to ensure the sample is authentic.

Q:  If I don’t have a microwave, how can I achieve the right temperature?
A:  You don’t need a microwave.  Just shake up the heating pad to activate and strap it to your urine bladder and give it time to reach the proper temperature, between 98 F to 102 F.  This can take up to an hour.

Q:  Does The Whizzinator Touch Expire?
A:  The powered Golden Shower product should be used within one year.  Once mixed with water, you should use it within 12 hours.

Q:  Can The Whizzinator Touch Be Reheated?
A:  If your Whizzinator has not reached the right temperature, you should activate a heating pad and strap it on to the urinary bladder till the right temperature is reached.  Keep it attached.  Reheating should not harm the product but it’s best to follow manual instructions precisely.

Q:  Will my Whizzinator Touch still be okay if it freezes?
A:  You should not freeze your Whizzinator Touch, there is no need.  Just mix it with bottled water and use it within 12 hours.  If you find yourself having to freeze the urine for any reason, our research indicates that the synthetic urine will still be good to use, but this cannot be guaranteed by us or The Whizzinator makers.

A:  Does The Whizzinator Touch help to pass a supervised piss test?
Q:  Yes.  Even if directly observed, as long as you don’t give yourself away, you should be able to pass off your fake penis as real.  If you’re female, just position the hose appropriately and no drug tester can tell you are using an apparatus.

A:  Why is synthetic urine is better than a friend’s urine?
Q:  For the time being, while drug testers cannot tell synthetic urine from real urine, it is better.  However, if they send your sample to a lab and run full tests on it, they can detect fake urine.  Therefore, if you have a friend whom you know for sure is clean, not just of marijuana, but also medications like codeine for coughs, Adderall for ADHD, and even casual kratom usage, then his sample might be a safe choice.  For the most thorough tests, you might need a clean sample from a friend.  Most tests, even most government tests, cannot tell The Whizzinator fake urine from real urine.  Even if you use urine from a friend, you may need the Whizzinator for a supervised test.  Also, real urine may degrade quickly, so the Whizzinator Golden Shower urine might be a better choice.

Q:  How does direct sunlight affect The Whizzinator Touch?
A:  Keep powdered and mixed Golden Shower ingredients out of direct sunlight as it can change the chemical composition of the substance.  This is unlikely to happen on the day you mix the substance to use in your test but better safe than sorry.

Q:  Can I combine 2 bottles of The Whizzinator Touch to make one sample?
A:  This is not recommended because testers will carefully measure the levels of creatinine and other ingredients and they have been calibrated precisely for use as directed.  However, theoretically, if you mixed the ingredients with water in precise amounts, this would still work.

Q:  Can I add any substance to my The Whizzinator Touch, like my own urine?
A:  No, the Golden  Shower fluid perfectly mimics human urine and is free of any drug metabolites and therefore you need to add nothing to it.

Q:  What’s the expiration date?  How to do I store it?
A:  The Whizzinator Touch Golden Shower can be stored in a cool dry place for one year.  Once mixed with water, it should be used within 12 hours.

The Whizzinator Touch reviews online

This Reddit user goes on to explain the used Quick Fix urine with his Whizzinator fake penis.  The technician didn’t bust him for the Whizzinator, but he stood behind him and asked if he was using an apparatus.  He did not look directly at the penis.  In the end, the technician told him he failed for marijuana.  This is not possible because neither Quick Fix urine nor The Whizzinator Golden Shower contains marijuana or any other drugs.  His guess is that this was a trick, that he was expected to confess to having used an apparatus when charged with failing for marijuana.  In any case, we should know this result is possible.  What to do?  Ask for a confirmation of the result.  Do not confess to using an apparatus.  Consider it a false positive and they may send it to a lab for confirmation, in which case you may have the result overturned.

This user uses the Whizz kit, the same deal just without the fake penis.  This is sufficient if you are certain to not be observed or are skillful in slipping the hose under the penis unseen.

Conclusion: Does The Whizzinator Touch really work?

Yes.  It really works to pass drug tests and as a sex toy.  The Whizzinator is the quintessential fake penis used to pass drug tests.  It’s the most famous and the most used because it works.  The danger includes trying to carry it through airports, as it may be retained as a ‘suspicious’ powder, and suspicious vials.  Also, if you use it in any of the states where it is illegal, you could be prosecuted, see the chart included in the first section to review the state laws that we know of.  There may be more laws being added to the books so check your local jurisdiction’s laws before you use this product.  Lastly, as the original makers of The Whizzinator discovered, trying to defraud the government of the United States is a crime, so if you try to use this product during a government-mandated drug test or if you sell the product as a detox product rather than a sex toy, you could be prosecuted under federal law.  In practice, mere users of the product are rarely if ever prosecuted.