Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

My kid wore braces for more than two years. How can it only take six months?

Traditional orthodontics changes occlusion – how the teeth come together when you bite down. It might require removing certain teeth, expanding the palate before treatment, or other forms of pre-treatment. Cfast focuses only on moving the “social six” teeth – the front six teeth on the upper and lower arches. Cfast doesn’t change occlusion and and generally won’t resolve medical problems.

Do I have to worry about what I eat when I am in Cfast treatment?

Taking care of your teeth is always important for good, overall health and hygiene. There are certain foods you should avoid when you wear braces. Since Cfast braces are clear, certain food and drinks can stain them or they will be more visible if not properly cleaned. Brushing after every meal, using a good mouth rinse, flossing, cleaning with a good inter-proximal brush, and drinking plenty of water will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and will keep your brackets clear and discreet.

Will my teeth move back if I don’t wear a retainer?

A retainer does just that – it retains. It holds the teeth in their new position during the adaptive period after braces have been removed. No matter if you are a Cfast patient or have traditional orthodontics or use clear aligners, your teeth will move if you don’t wear your retainer. Cfast patients can opt for a permanent retainer bonded to the underside of the teeth.

Is Cfast covered by insurance?

You should check with your insurance provider on coverage for cosmetic dental procedures as well as treatment providers in your network.

Am I a candidate for Cfast?

Your dentist will be able to do a simple and quick evaluation to know whether or not Cfast is right for you.

My dentist doesn’t offer Cfast. What can I do?

Cfast certified providers are located throughout the US. Click the link below to search for a provider in your area. You can also send information to your dentist about Cfast. Simply click the link below and provide your doctor’s name and city and state of practice. We will send information and we’ll include your name so your doctor knows there is interest!

How often do I see my dentist when I am a Cfast patient?

Every case is as unique as the patient! You will see your dentist at least once before you get your brackets, and then about once per month to evaluate your progress and make wire changes. Treatments last about six months.

How much does a Cfast treatment cost?

Every market is different. Visit with your dentist about costs and payment plans.

Can my teens get Cfast instead of regular braces?

Cfast is only available for adults.