Is Cfast Right for Me?


Is Cfast Right for Me?

Making an educated decision on cosmetic treatment is important! Here are some good questions to ask: Do you place your hand in front of your mouth during conversations?

  • Do you smile with your mouth closed?
  • Do you avoid cameras and mirrors?
  • Do you feel a little envious of people with straight teeth?
  • Are metal braces unappealing?
  • Do you want braces but don’t want to draw attention to your smile / mouth until your teeth are straight?
  • Would it be difficult to schedule monthly office visits for the next two years?
  • Would you like to see results very quickly, far sooner than in two years?

An answer of “yes” to any of these questions makes you a great candidate for a Cfast evaluation.

Compare Cfast to Traditional Orthodontics:

Cfast Traditional Orthodontics
Treatment time is around six months. Treatment time is around 24 months.
All Cfast treatments use clear brackets and tooth colored wires. Traditional orthodontics uses metal or clear brackets and metal or tooth colored wires.
Cfast is not an aligner system. Some orthodontic treatments use a system of clear, removable aligners. The aligners must be worn at least 22 hours a day for proper and timely treatment.
Cfast moves only the front six teeth in the upper and lower arches, known as the social six. Traditional orthodontics moves all the teeth and changes occlusion – how your teeth come together when you bite.
A removable retainer is worn for several months after braces are removed, and then a permanent retainer is bonded to the teeth to keep them straight and in place. Normally, a removable retainer is worn for several years after braces are removed. If the retainer is not worn, teeth will begin to shift out of place.